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Bringing you the latest insights from the inside sales, customer care, and account management subject matter experts here at Salelytics.
Want to be kept up to date on the latest Sales Scape news?

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What is Patient Centricity?

by Tessa Vogel
January 4, 2023
Learn what Patient Centricity means to Salelytics and how we put patients first through patient education, engagement, and product/treatment communities.

Two people run through a field holding hands. A grandfather plays catch with his grandchildren. A woman happily hikes up a mountain with a canine companion.

It’s the perfect scene until it’s disrupted by rapid speech and the message to “ask your doctor if this product is right for you.”

When it comes to patients and their decisions, we find that this commercial strategy is simply not good enough. It’s not enough to present a patient with a hypothetical ‘what if.’  

That’s where Salelytics' Patient Centricity concept comes into play. In this solution, the goal is to empower patients to be participants in their own care by using a dedicated, clinically trained team.

What is Patient Centricity?

According to ZS Associates, 86% of medical companies do not have a formalized vision when it comes to patient education, engagement, and the community around their products. Whereas they may have investment covered around the physician or therapist, they lack direct consultative feedback.

Our team is here to support that by:

  1. Qualifying the patient – There is nothing more important than making sure the treatment or product fits the patient’s needs and educating them on their options.
  2. Converting to care – We work with patients to schedule their appointments, work through referrals, and connect them to ambassador programs with others who have similar experiences.
  3. Post-care support – Patient centricity is about guiding patients along their entire journey with end-to-end support. Our team follows up aftercare to not only manage feedback but also induct successful cases into ambassador programs.

By meeting the patient where they are, we ensure comfort and informed medical device choices and treatments.

Where Patient Centricity Bridges the Gaps

  • Tracking marketing spend and efforts – Organizations use many channels when it comes to patient outreach (social media, websites, text, etc.). With a devoted patient-centric team, that information becomes trackable data that we can report back to our clients.
  • Pulling patients through the funnel – We often see medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical providers target physicians. Without investment in your patients and their journeys, how do you know where they are in the process?
  • Overcoming prerequisite barriers – Healthcare can be intimidating. Often, treatments or implants may require appointments beforehand (sleep studies, cardiac exams, etc.). We guide patients through that journey, keep them engaged in periods of waiting, and encourage patients to have those conversations with their insurance providers.
  • Technology and access – Many companies rely on tracking patients with cookies and like practices. These won’t always work with the privacy concerns around healthcare. With the power of Natural Learning Understanding and Speech Analytics, we can help you understand the true voice of the patient: Where did they find you? How did your message make them feel?

That perfect, idealistic life the commercials present is not unattainable. However, at Salelytics, we don’t lead with that.

We lead with information, guidance, and most importantly, care. That’s what Patient Centricity means to our organization.

Tessa Vogel, Marketing Content Manager
As a Marketing Content Manager, I'm passionate about bringing creativity to business. Through leadership, content writing, photography, social media, and campaign building, I'm able to find that intersection.

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