Omni Channel Experience

Maximize results and customer experience with integrated technology and channels - CRM, communication channels, e Marketing, data analytics and AI. We offer a fully customizable solution to easily tailor to evolving business needs and customer expectations.

Multi-Channel Process

Multi Channel Process

Multi-channels offered by Salelytics are designed to enhance the power of the phone, and are fully integrated with our CRM system. The differentiated access tools allow for smarter sales interactions while addressing customer engagement preferences.

e Marketing

e Marketing

e Marketing

  • Enhanced customer experience via customized email campaigns and/or one-off emails
  • Capture all email activity to drive account segmentation and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities
  • Incredibly cost-effective while still able to deliver exceptional results
Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

  • Augment customer interactions with live video, visual documents, presentations, pre-recorded video, and more
  • Engage with one or many customers simultaneously using prescheduled appointments or meet now capabilities
  • Improve customer intimacy and enhance product demonstrations and trainings using live video
Click to Chat

Click to Chat

Click to Chat

  • Allow customers to initiate contact with a sales associate via chat, or request a call back using the click-to-call feature
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple customer interactions at one time
  • Include links to chat / click-to-call on emails, micro-sites, and more to increase customer engagement
SMS Notifications and Voicemail

SMS Notifications and Voicemail

SMS Notifications and Voicemail

  • Send interactive voice, email, and text notifications to hundreds, thousands, or millions of customers in minutes
  • Communicate a message to a broad audience efficiently using multiple channels to improve engagement
  • Back-end reporting shows the message that succeeded and failed to track customer engagement and ensure contact is made via another channel if necessary

Integrated Customer Experience

Implementing a powerful CRM is critical to successful sales strategies!

Integrated Customer Experience

Our fully customizable CRM is the central hub for all data, communications and information captured during customer interactions. We provide seamless integration with other client systems and provide data exchanges between Salelytics and the Client. Detailed two-way data transmissions create an interconnected universe that:

Optimizes sales strategies

Allows for the development of analytical rules

Enhances reporting capabilities

A complete data integration solution delivers trusted data from a variety of sources!

Confidence that Your Data is Clean & Safe:

Easy access to data

Analytic Tools

Remove duplicate data

Save money on other technologies

Unify Salelytics and the client

Consolidate your information

Reduce administrative work for the associate

Save time & money with unified and detailed reporting

Customized Business Models

Customized Business Models Customized Business Models

The Salelytics Sales Motion Continuum (SMC) model provides a sales process for employees and sales leadership to:

Decrease the sales cycle

Improve win rates

Increase the value of each opportunity

Having a systematic repeatable series of steps that map out and track interactions with prospects from their first point of engagement through to the close is important in any sales process. This is not just a sales process; it directly ties to Salelytics’ customized CRM solution and speech analytics.

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