Data Science and Language Technology

Data Science and Language Technology

Empower Transformation with AI and Data Science at Scale

Salelytics develops best-in-class analytics through our Data Science and Language Technology Center of Excellence. Through the following we deliver a dynamic customer approach that unlocks the value of your interactions.

AI-Enhanced User Experiences
Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
Applied Predictive Modeling
Deep Neural Networks
Language Technologies
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Rule-Based and Machine Learning (ML) Business Process Optimization
Account Analytics

Data mining, statistics, and ML are the foundation of our analytic offering. Understanding what has happened, what will happen, and the next best action to take allows us to create treatment designs that produce results.

  • Portfolio understanding to assess risks and opportunities
  • Model scoring and segmentation that aligns treatment to customer
  • Business intelligence that allows leaders to track metrics and performance indicators
Business Process Optimization

Taking an enterprise approach to business process optimization moves beyond cutting costs. It builds brand value as well as generates incremental revenue.

  • Ad hoc analysis, post-development monitoring, testing, and treatment optimization to help leaders prove business cases
  • Augmentation of both physical and software business processes proven to deliver utility across business units
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to extract information from textual content
Enhancing User Experiences

Salelytics uses rule-based and ML techniques to tailor customer and agent experiences based on information learned from account analytics.

  • Guidance and personalization from an AI-powered determination of customer needs and preferences
  • Language sentiment analysis to evaluate the attitude of the speaker and recommend adjustments via speech-to-text, NLP, NLU, tone and speech recognition data
  • Generation of customer lifetime value through Next Best Action, Next Best Offer and Next Best Communication strategies
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