Sales Enablement

Salelytics technologies are the wings that allow our client partnerships to soar, turning historical data into predictive opportunities. Through the implementation of our sales enablement tools, our associates, leadership and clients have the tools they need to be successful.

Speech Recognition

Salelytics Speech Recognition Solution

Salelytics offers two innovative speech recognition solutions. These technologies allow for real-time monitoring, post call transcription, and analyzing associate, customer, product, and marketing trends to provide insights on what is resonating in client interactions.

What are the Benefits?

  • Real-time visual measurement of sales call progression
  • Assessment of associate’s ability to execute a defined sales process
  • Targeted training and coaching tool for call effectiveness
  • Provide analysis of best practices to deploy across the team
  • Gain insights on voice of customer and marketing impact
  • Provide quantitative feedback on sales and marketing message design
  • Provide new associates with specific phrases and a call-flow which can speed up the on-boarding process
Salelytics Gamification

Salelytics Gamification

Salelytics approach to associate performance is designed around proactive productivity tools that drive personal accountability. Our Gamification solution can take real-time data from any data source, allowing us to combine data from different sources and create advanced metrics customized to your program.

What are the Benefits?

  • Analysis of historical performance data
  • Drive sales associate performance using contests
  • Provide full transparency and peer accountability to improve results
  • Promote improvement though individual goal setting and accolades
  • Identify targeted coaching opportunities to improve sales effectiveness
  • Improve your bottom line by motivating all performers vs only top performer
  • Trend and Distribution Data to quickly visualize and compare individual and team performance
Agent Assisted Bot

Agent Assisted Bot

Salelytics ChatBot is an agent-assisted solution that includes workflow modeling to capture and standardize processes so sales associates can provide consistent messaging on behalf of our clients. By leveraging machine learning and workflows, Salelytics ChatBot recommends responses or actions based on the evaluation of the conversation as it is taking place. The Agent also has the ability to search a knowledge base of responses, use replacement variables, or create their own custom responses. Agent and Bot responses evolve through use and becomes more robust based on the machine learning and selected responses to customers. Reporting helps drive future responses and creates consistent results-driven workflows.

What are the Benefits?

  • Increased Rep Productivity
  • Shorter Handle Time
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Improved Service Quality and Call Outcomes
  • Personalized Interactions


Registry of Associate Development, Monitoring and Performance tracking (ROADMAP). Bringing all associate and leadership interactions into one tool with a structured process for documenting coaching, monitoring sessions, trainings, and meetings.

Through coaching and action plans, associates have the ability to document their coaching expectations. Leaders have the ability to create action plans from coaching sessions, and in this process meetings are documented and acknowledgement tracking takes place. Call Monitoring and Score Cards are utilized to create consistency from program to program and business unit to business unit but flexible enough to customize based on program needs. This tool is key to Associate Professional Development!

What are the Benefits?

  • Associate Documented Coaching Expectations
  • Meeting Tracking at all Levels
  • Creation of Action Plans from Coaching Sessions
  • Scorecards Customized Based on Program Needs
  • Ability to Push a Monitor into a Coaching Session
  • Acknowledgement and Tracking for Each Interaction
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