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Bringing you the latest insights from the inside sales, customer care, and account management subject matter experts here at Salelytics.
Want to be kept up to date on the latest Sales Scape news?

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Genesys Cloud Integration

by Shelley Wildenberg
March 11, 2024
Enhancing Salelytics' Customer Experience

Salelytics, a leading provider in customer engagement solutions, embarked on a journey to transition from its aging platform, Genesys PureConnect, to Genesys Cloud Services. The decision was influenced by several key factors:

  • End-of-life of Current Platform: With Genesys PureConnect approaching its end-of-life in October 2025, Salelytics sought a modern solution to ensure uninterrupted service to its clients.
  • Consolidation and Seamless Integration: Genesys Cloud consolidates various systems into a unified platform, promising an enhanced customer experience through seamless integrations, workforce engagement management, and robust reporting. It offers complete telephony offerings, including voice and screen recording, speech and text analytics, inbound routing, outbound campaigns, and chat functionalities.
  • Scalability and Cost Efficiency: As a cloud-native solution, Genesys Cloud provides inherent scalability and removes the burden of costly infrastructure maintenance.

Scalability and Flexibility:

In terms of scalability, Genesys Cloud's cloud-native architecture facilitates seamless expansion alongside Salelytics' business growth. However, the subscription-based licensing model and data-metered AWS integration ensure cost efficiency and flexibility.

Moreover, the platform's flexibility allows Salelytics to adapt to changing business needs. The monthly subscription model offers three feature levels for easier management, while customization options cater to specific requirements. Cloud-native architecture enhances flexibility for external customers and contractors, ensuring accessibility to client tools.

Data Analytics and Insights:

Genesys Cloud Services play a pivotal role in Salelytics' data analytics and reporting efforts. The platform provides comprehensive insights into customer interactions and operational performance, enabling informed decision-making.

These analytics have led to the identification of actionable insights, empowering Salelytics to optimize processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Training and Onboarding:

Salelytics prioritizes training and onboarding to ensure optimal utilization of Genesys Cloud Services. Leveraging Genesys' instructional resources and certifications, coupled with in-house training programs and formal assignments, Salelytics equips its teams with the necessary skills and knowledge.

While improvements in employee proficiency and performance are yet to be fully assessed, initial results are promising, with employees adapting quickly to the new platform.

Security and Compliance:

Genesys Cloud Services align with industry best practices and comply with relevant international standards and legislation, including SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO27001. This ensures Salelytics' adherence to stringent security and compliance requirements, fostering trust among clients.

Future and Enhancements:

Looking ahead, Salelytics has ambitious plans to further enhance its integration with Genesys Cloud Services. Areas of focus include maturing AWS integrations and implementing real-time speech analytics, anticipating significant improvements in operational efficiency and customer experience.

Genesys Cloud Integration has revolutionized Salelytics' customer engagement capabilities, driving efficiency, scalability, and innovation. As Salelytics continues to leverage the platform's capabilities and explore future enhancements, it remains committed to delivering unparalleled value to its clients.

Shelley Wildenberg, Senior Content Marketing Specialist
As a Senior Content Marketing Specialist, I am dedicated to all things Salelytics branded. My passion for marketing and design fuels my enthusiasm for every aspect of the content creation process. Whether it's conducting research, designing, or collaborating with my colleagues, the dynamic environment at Salelytics offers me new opportunities to learn each day.

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