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Bringing you the latest insights from the inside sales, customer care, and account management subject matter experts here at Salelytics.
Want to be kept up to date on the latest Sales Scape news?

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Salelytics' Transformation into Consumer Brands

by Sarah Stluka
November 2, 2023
Transforming Consumer Engagement: Salelytics' Evolution into Consumer Brands

Salelytics has recently rebranded its Salelytics' CPG vertical as Consumer Brands, demonstrating their dedication to excellence, innovation, and consumer engagement. Consumer Brands offers customized solutions to foster brand experiences that connect with modern shoppers, prioritizing integration for remarkable business growth and success. This blog post delves into the reasoning behind the rebranding and highlights Consumer Brands' strides in the market.

Why Have We Rebranded?
Salelytics has repositioned the CPG segment as Consumer Brands to showcase its adaptability and responsiveness to evolving market trends. By doing so, Salelytics is better equipped to offer customized, comprehensive solutions that meet the multifaceted needs of consumers. It goes beyond selling goods; it is about fostering and curating brand experiences that deeply connect with shoppers. Our team is revamping the CPG vertical to cater to the modern consumer journey, prioritizing the consumer-centric mindset.

Adopting a customer-centric approach offers several benefits for businesses, including personalized experiences, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced loyalty, efficient problem resolution, word-of-mouth marketing, higher customer lifetime value, market differentiation, innovation, reduced churn, and data-driven decision making. By prioritizing the customer, businesses can build trust, gain repeat buyers, and develop new products and services that meet market demands.

Achieving Business Growth through Integration
Salelytics focuses on integration to drive growth and success by unlocking benefits such as improved collaboration, consistency in brand messaging, operational efficiency, and better customer experiences. Integration of different verticals allows businesses to leverage collective strengths, knowledge, and resources, leading to innovation, optimized operations, and exceptional customer value.

Gone are the days when the consumer journey started and ended at a retail shelf. Today, consumers engage with brands and products through multiple touchpoints such as online research, social media recommendations, and reviews and ratings. As a result, Salelytics has rebranded to Consumer Brands, demonstrating their dedication to adapting to this intricate journey. Salelytics is well-equipped to offer comprehensive solutions across various verticals, ensuring that consumers are engaged at every stage of their interaction with a product or brand.

Salelytics' rebranding to Consumer Brands is more than just a change in appearance – it signifies a pledge to excellence and innovation in the world of consumer goods. With a diverse portfolio, a focus on integration, and a unique brand solution, Salelytics empowers businesses to thrive and prosper in today's competitive market. For those looking for a business partner to boost their brand and promote growth, Salelytics is an ideal choice. Their remarkable integration with other verticals, such as healthcare, sets them apart from the rest.

Sarah Stluka, Business Director, Consumer Products
Thought-provoking strategist, engaging with customers and clients at the C-Suite level. Responsible for successfully managing and leading a magnitude of various client partnerships while bringing channel expertise and insights that drive Revenue Growth Management.


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