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Bringing you the latest insights from the inside sales, customer care, and account management subject matter experts here at Salelytics.
Want to be kept up to date on the latest Sales Scape news?

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Six Business Lessons We Took Away from Scary Movies

by Tessa Vogel
November 1, 2023
Can you take away business lessons from all-time classic, scary movies? Our team certainly tries. Read on to learn what professional examples you should be looking for in your next watch.

It’s that spooky time of year! Although most pack up the skeletons and spiders right after trick-or-treating, in true Salelytics spirit we’re celebrating all week long.

So, we asked our team: What’s one business-related lesson you can take away from your favorite scary movie? Their answers will frighten and delight you.

1. Lean into What Makes Your Different. 

CSO AJ Olander's Tip from "Scream"

Scream didn't try to be a "classic" horror movie. Throughout the film, it went for about as many laughs as it did screams, and that's what made it such a hit. When it comes to the business world, knowing what makes you different from your competitors and leaning into it is one of the biggest precursors for success for your company.

2. Pay Attention to Customer Feedback and Complaints. 

VP Lisa Nelson's Tip from "Nightmare on Elm Street"

In the movies, Freddy Krueger enters people's dreams to haunt and terrorize them. Victims of Freddy's nightmares initially struggle to get others to believe them, but as the story progresses, it becomes clear that their fears and complaints are very real.   

Don't be like those people. Your customer complaints are real too! Take that feedback and do something about it.

3. Try, Try, and Try Again.

VP Nicole Thor's Tip from "Hocus Pocus"

With Halloween so recent, I rewatched the classic movie Hocus Pocus.

The Sanderson sisters, for all their wickedness, embody the concept of persistence. Despite being beaten time and again, they never gave up in their pursuit of their goal.

Professionally, we often face setbacks and challenges. Hocus Pocus reminds us that persistence, especially in the face of adversity, can be the key to success. Keep refining your approach, learn from your mistakes, and stay committed to your vision.

So, as we enjoy this Halloween season, let's be like the Sanderson's (well... minus the evil witch part...) and keep on keeping on no matter what is in our way!

4. Conduct Thorough Due Diligence.

Sr. Director Kerry Blair's Tip from "The Amityville Horror"

In The Amityville Horror, new occupants of the Amityville house face terrible things as a result of not conducting proper research before purchasing the property. They were unaware of the house's dark history and the traumatic events that occurred there.

Whether vetting a vendor or buying a potential murder house - Due diligence is an important step. In each situation, major horrors can be avoided.

5. Creating a Positive Workplace Culture Starts with Kindness.

SVP Franny Goolsby's Tip from "Hubie Halloween"

I scare too easily. Instead, let me tell you one business lesson I learned from Hubie Halloween...

The main character, Hubie, is an eccentric and well-meaning individual who faces ridicule and harassment from many coworkers and neighbors. This negative treatment creates an unwelcoming atmosphere in the community. However, Hubie remains committed to his role and continues to help others.

Be like Hubie! Maintain a good heart, be kind, and contribute to an inclusive workplace environment.

6. Embrace Innovation and Adaptation to Stay Competitive.

TA Supervisor Kelsey Sjoquist's Tip from "Saw"

This might be a stretch, but in the Saw series, Jigsaw (the antagonist) presents his victims with elaborate traps and puzzles that require creative and adaptive thinking to survive. Those who fail to adapt or innovate in the face of these challenges face terrible consequences.

Remain flexible in life and business.

Wherever you fall on the scary movie spectrum, you can always draw professional inspiration. If nothing else, just remember to never go into a haunted office alone.

Tessa Vogel, Marketing Content Manager
As a Marketing Content Manager, I'm passionate about bringing creativity to business. Through leadership, content writing, photography, social media, and campaign building, I'm able to find that intersection.

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