Team Sell

Account Types
  • Accounts with an assigned field representative
  • Outside a 50-mile radius of representative
  • Strategic offices within a 50-mile radius of representative
  • Vacant Field Territory Accounts
  • Limited Access Customers
  • Underperforming Field Territories
  • New specializations
  • New product launches (speed to market)
  • Product campaigns to maximize promotions or incentives

Industries Supported
  • B2B
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Device
  • Animal Health
  • Financial
  • Communications
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Technology
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Salelytics' Team Selling solution involves making outbound calls to customers that have a field representative covering their account, but who may have infrequent direct coverage. An Inside Sales Associate provides account management, product messaging, education and video in-servicing to the account to retain, or increase, the customer’s sales and usage of client products or services.

The Team Sell method is effective in enhancing brand recognition in the facility by increasing the number of contacts that receive messaging and ensuring that field visits are maximized because of pre-qualified interest in specific products.

In order to enhance the communication between the Field and Inside Sales, Salelytics CRM can be integrated with the client’s CRM to give visibility to both parties as to what communication is occurring.

Regional leadership assists in determining the right message, targets, and markets on which the Team Sell team will focus.

In the event of a Vacant Field Territory, territories are covered throughout the
vacancy timeframe with a seamless transition (since there is already an Inside Sales Associate covering the accounts). When a new Field Representative enters the territory, they are provided an established territory with all updated company, contact, and opportunity data logged in the CRM to aid with onboarding or leave of absence re-entry into the space.


Region-controlled Messaging is delivered to the correct decision maker in the facility, focusing on need identification, education, in-servicing, account management, and brand expansion. Messages could include regional initiatives, campaigns, and contract compliance. Frequent coverage of the account influencers creates an immediate familiarity and positive response, keeping the account connected to the client’s company.


Client: Respiratory Diagnostic Testing Equipment Provider
Product: Respiratory Diagnostic Equipment
Program Start: 2016
# of Associates: 5
Sales Challenge: Gaps in coverage (12 field reps across the US), poor prospect list prohibiting effective customer acquisition.
Sales Solution: Team Sell model was deployed to overcome access challenges previously faced by the field reps to develop and move opportunities through the funnel.
Results: Despite initial skepticism by the client (based on working with a lead generation provider), within 10 months of a typical 12-month sales cycle, the team had successfully closed three units nearing $100k in revenue. Two of the three sales came from accounts identified within the Salelytics Data Warehouse and would not have been realized without migrating to an integrated and dedicated team sell model with Salelytics.

Client: Fortune 10 Communications Provider
Product: Fiber Solutions, Mobility, and Application Services
Program Start: 2013
# of Associates: 95
Sales Challenge: Gaps in Coverage and High Cost of Sales
Sales Solution: Leveraged Account Management and Team Sell, using a Consensus Selling methodology to educate the right contacts (CIO, IT Directors) to sell additional solutions.
Results: Generating over 40 MM in New Sales Revenue contracts annually.

Client: Surgical Equipment Provider
Product: Surgical Equipment
Program Start: 2013
# of Associates: 7
Sales Challenge: Decrease in Market Share
Sales Solution: Deployed a phased team sell model, converting a specified number of field territories to team sell territories each year.
Results: While a typical field territory grew 3% Year-over-Year, territories with Team Sell deployed grew on average by 37%, with the most difficult accounts to grow (large/enterprise accounts) demonstrating a 17% lift over the prior year.
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