Funnel Development

Funnel Development
Account Types
• White Space Geography
• Existing Accounts with different departments or divisions to navigate

Industries Supported

• B2B
• Pharmaceutical
• Medical Device
• Animal Health
• Financial
• Business Services
• Communications
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Technology

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Funnel Development programs have an integrated sales approach where field sales and inside sales collaborate to prospect and penetrate new accounts more effectively. Inside Sales Associates are responsible for initiating contact and qualifying customers based on specific criteria outlined by our experience and your sales cycle. In many programs, the inside sales associate can continue to take this lead further down the sales process and only engage a field rep near the end of the deal. This ensures the field rep is focused on growing existing accounts, and only spends time on prospects with a high probability of success.

Funnel Development begins with sparking customer interest using a variety of sales channels including phone, email, video conferencing, and fax. In the majority of cases, after uncovering interest, the inside sales associate qualifies the customer and schedules a follow-up meeting for a field rep. The inside sales team builds a forecastable funnel of new business targets based on the buyer's journey that:
  • Effectively hands off new opportunities to the field at the appropriate time based on the stage of the buyer’s journey and selling process.
  • Continues nurturing efforts for those opportunities that are interested, but not ready for an appointment/meeting.
  • Improves the forecasting ability by defining the funnel based on the buyer’s stage and aligned selling activities.
To enhance communication regarding pipeline information, Salelytics CRM can be integrated with the client’s CRM to give visibility to field sales and inside sales as to the most recent prospects in their funnel and to review the buying stages of customers. Additionally, alerts and notifications can be triggered to the field rep with a recording of the qualified appointment call, along with captured qualification criteria from the associate. This gives the field rep a great view of the customer before their first interaction.

In a Funnel Development program, we utilize our unique sales tools to ensure accounts are optimally segmented, prioritized, and qualified to augment the sales funnel, reduce the sales cycle, and maximize revenue.

Inside Sales Associates are the first contact point with your customers. They are responsible for targeting the right customers, creating interest, finding a need, and qualifying the customer for a future appointment. They aren’t necessarily the product or solution experts, but they are experts at understanding your ideal customer profile and being able to uncover challenges that align back to your offerings. In many cases, this includes building out a decision tree of key influencers, decision-makers, and end users within the account to ensure the field sales rep can easily navigate the prospect.

Client: 5th Largest Telecommunications Provider
Product: Telecommunications
Program Start: 2016
# of Associates: 10
Sales Challenge: Gaps in Coverage, Gain Market Share
Sales Solution: Funnel Development model to generate, nurture, qualify, and turn over Sales Qualified Leads to the appropriate Direct Sales Associates to finalize the deal.
Results: Generated a record high of 303 qualified leads to the Direct Sales Associates to finalize the B2B opportunity.

Client: Fortune 25 Communications Company
Product: Data & Mobility Communication Services
Program Start: 2013
# of Associates: 125
Sales Challenge: Customer Retention, Speed to Market
Sales Solution: Full Account Management, Sole Territory Coverage, Team Sell
Results: +5% Year-over-Year Customer Upgrades, +10% Year-over-Year Gross Add Sales, +25% Year-over-Year Mobility Application Sales.

Client: Packaging Industry Leader
Product: Performance Packaging
Program Start: 2016
# of Associates: 8
Sales Challenge: Limited Face-to-Face Selling Time
Sales Solution: Implemented a Funnel Development model aimed at securing appointments for 79 field reps – allowing them to do less prospecting and create more Face-to-Face opportunities.
Results: 2,234 scheduled appointments generating $1.25 million in revenue.
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