Sales Recovered at a Leading Health and Hygiene Company

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Recover Lost Sales and Capitalize on the Growing Consumer Goods Market
A leading Fortune 500 global CPG health and hygiene company recognized that they could benefit by utilizing an agency based on inside sales to augment their Field Sales coverage. After managing an in-house Inside Sales Team for 20 years, and suffering from slumping sales in the territory, they realized that they lacked the expertise, creativity, and technology to compete with others in the small/mid/alternative markets served by Inside Sales.

The goal was to turn around the sales loss at these small accounts while attaining a lower cost of sales.

After two decades, results from the in-house team were declining. Yet the demand for key accounts was increasing in the field. This contradiction left field sales representatives even less time to spend with medium-sized customers.

As home to some of the world’s most trusted and recognized brands, the company knew it would have to find a sales solution that would overcome these challenges. The company evaluated several tenured selling agencies and chose Salelytics above all others.

They chose Salelytics because of their deep knowledge of the consumer packaged goods market, as well as their proven ability to find revenue in a market where opportunities are often overlooked.

A Customized Account Management Solution
Salelytics immediately began building an account management team that would relieve the load on the company’s field sales representatives and turn around underserved accounts.

At the onset of the program, the client assigned small-to-medium-sized grocery, drug, discount retailers, and wholesalers to the Salelytics team.

Every member of the Salelytics team underwent extensive training with client marketers and trainers in order to have a thorough understanding of the company’s product lines and overall business strategy. The detailed knowledge allowed the Salelytics reps to immediately begin performing expert presentations to accounts.

The customers received an agenda and a presentation via email before their client-dedicated Salelytics representative called for their first meeting, and the results were immediate.

Salelytics sales associates are responsible for:
Analyzing customer purchase history, securing new distribution, presenting promotional programs, managing each account’s promotional funding, category reviews, sales planning, forecasting, deduction management, and attainment of sales growth in the territories managed.

For wholesalers, the team also provided regular calls to their retailers to sell new products and consumer promotions, creating the pull through their warehouses.

The key element of the Salelytics account management solution was the professional sales coverage that they provided. With a new focus on smart promotional spending, the Salelytics sales team developed solid, customer-specific promotions that would drive incremental sales and put new products on the shelf.

Over 15% Increase in Sales
After launching the Salelytics account management solution, this client experienced great success. Since Salelytics started managing nearly 770 of the company’s accounts, sales quotas have consistently been surpassed with an overall increase of 15% over four years.

Before the program was established, the company’s in-house team experienced three years of double-digit sales declines. Within the last year, Salelytics has grown sales while spending 30-50% less promotional dollars than was previously spent against this set of accounts.

Now, client leadership reviews the low and mid-volume accounts and transfers additional accounts to Salelytics to manage.

In addition to the significant sales increases realized by Salelytics, the company was able to also shed the fixed costs of their in-house operation, an expense that was growing annually as salary, health benefits, and other operational costs increased. Twice per year, Salelytics’ team meets with the various brand groups for the company to learn about new products and programs, and to provide feedback to marketing about what is working and where more marketing support is needed.
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