Sales Turnaround for a Leading CPG Manufacturer

$76 Million in Annual Sales
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Overcome Declining Sales and Increasing Revenue
One of the leading manufacturers and marketers of consumer packaged goods was experiencing gaps in coverage across their markets and geographic regions. They were also looking to introduce new products to the market.

This Fortune 500 company’s product line was growing rapidly and they realized they did not have the necessary sales resources to keep up with the growing needs of the marketplace. The company had been partnering with an outside sales force to manage a number of their accounts, yet they were not effective in managing the mid-tier accounts. It was clear to senior management that their broker was missing distribution and promotion opportunities.

They needed to find new ways to transform their account management program. It needed to have strategic, brand-building initiatives in the smaller, but important, account segment.

The company searched for a new sales partner with a highly developed specialization in improving market share. Upon learning about Salelytics, the company took the next steps to leverage a full account management solution and entrusted Salelytics with a segment of their valuable accounts.

The CPG company chose Salelytics based on our market experience, ability to provide a dedicated team that would be experts for only their brands, and high caliber of sales professionals.

A Fully Trained CPG Sales Team and Account Management Program
Salelytics’ experienced team worked carefully with the company’s field representatives to fully understand their unique sales challenges. As the nation’s premier provider of Inside sales solutions, Salelytics developed a customized account management program that would provide the company’s direct accounts with ongoing sales coverage. In the beginning, Salelytics’ associates were trained on a variety of the client’s products from eight different Sales Business Units (SBUs), ranging from laundry care, food lines, and hard surface cleaning products. These would be represented by Salelytics at nearly 600 of the company's accounts.

With all of this product knowledge, Salelytics immediately began to reach out to the company’s underserved accounts with greater effectiveness and speed than the previous agency could provide.

Not only did the sales solution require the Salelytics team to make sales calls, but they were also responsible for fully managing the account, which included:
Category reviews, planogram reviews, trade spend and deduction management, trade shows, annual planning events, SKU forecasting, order management, deduction management, and complete ownership of the sales goals.

The Salelytics sales team was able to turn sales data into strategic and actionable knowledge.

In addition to sales calls, the Salelytics team was also responsible for effectively managing millions of dollars in annual promotional funding. Salelytics associates identified new promotional opportunities and developed targeted sales campaigns. This enabled them to get new products on the shelves and sell displays to tie in with corporate advertising and seasonal events.

$76 Million in Annual Sales
Within three months of launching the program, Salelytics not only effectively managed more of the company’s valued clients but increased sales and turned a declining segment around to become a vital and profitable part of their overall business.

The solution also created greater field coverage by shifting the responsibilities from the client’s field representatives to Salelytics-trained sales associates. This shift gave the company’s field representatives more face-to-face selling time with their base accounts, which resulted in overall increased sales for the regions aligned with Salelytics. 

Salelytics’ dedicated inside sales associates have grown the company’s market share by three to five percent each year for the past nine years. Salelytics generates over $76 million in annual sales, which makes up nearly 20% of the company’s alternate channel revenue. Also, by utilizing Salelytics’ sales associates versus hiring additional field representatives, the client has saved over $400,000 annually in SG&A, also resulting in a lower cost of sales.

The Salelytics team has a strong relationship with these accounts and, in turn, is able to gather invaluable feedback. 

For example, at a recent trade show, several of the accounts called on by Salelytics approached the client to let them know how extremely satisfied they were with their service.

Today, Salelytics continues to be the most profitable piece of the company’s outsourced business.
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