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Salelytics Increases Market Share Along with a Dramatic Cost Savings for Client
“Time and time again, Salelytics’ dedicated sales associates have met our highest expectations. As a result, we continue to increase the breadth and width of our partnership.”

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Increase Market Share and Product Distribution
One of the nation’s leading pharmaceuticals and diagnostics providers was searching for a way to increase market share and expand product distribution. The client was a major producer of generic pharmaceuticals and wanted to reposition themselves in the industry in order to introduce several new branded products. Upon evaluating their internal sales team, the client realized that their sales representatives did not have the resources available to support an increase in market demand.

Their solution was to outsource to an inbound and outbound sales company for new product launches and to handle general customer service inquiries. The company engaged in a nationwide search for external vendors and chose Salelytics based upon the quality of sales representatives, tenured sales team, and sales-oriented focus.

An Integrated Team Sell Solution
Salelytics’ specialized Healthcare Sales Team immediately began working with the client to develop an inbound and outbound sales program for new pharmaceutical products. The program was supported by a team of dedicated Salelytics sales associates that were responsible for contacting over 1,700 physicians’ offices per month. The associates were trained on the company’s full line of products so that they could change their call strategy based on the physicians’ preferences. In addition, the client switched their featured products every three months and due to the flexibility of the program, new sales messages were incorporated with virtually no transition time. This ensured that the message being delivered to physicians
was aligned with the company’s focus.

Recently, the client expanded their strategy to include a diagnostics program for inbound and outbound sales. Salelytics developed an integrated team selling solution in which the dedicated sales associates worked closely with the company’s field representatives to target key physician accounts. The sales associates attended the client’s field training prior to launch and new training procedures were implemented as the program evolved. Salelytics associates in the diagnostics division were responsible for gaining and retaining business, fulfilling patient literature, and handling all aspects of orders.

When the program started, the client’s field representative would visit the physician’s office to discuss the new diagnostic product and set up a nurse training session. After the physician agreed to the session, a call would be made by the client’s field sales representative to a nurse staffing service that would schedule and send an appointment confirmation to Salelytics. The sales associates were then responsible for coordinating the nurses with the physician’s office, placing reminder calls, shipping the training kits, and ensuring that everything was in place for the appointment.

Due to the high operational costs of the nurse training program, the client developed self-training modules that were less costly, more efficient, and allowed the physician to complete the training at their own convenience. Salelytics implemented new sales procedures in less than one week and the dedicated associates were responsible for distributing the modules, following up, and handling inquiry calls from physicians.

Increased Market Share and Dramatic Cost Savings
Through Salelytics’ integrated team selling solution, the company established a consistent market share growth of three to six percent yearly which equated to incremental sales growth of over $40 million annually.

Salelytics dedicated sales associates called over 40,000 physicians and successfully contacted over 62% of those offices over the duration of the diagnostic program. Also, by eliminating the nurse training program and utilizing the integrated team selling model, the company saved over three million dollars annually.

The diagnostics sales associates developed strong relationships with the physicians' offices and field representatives during the initial training process which enabled them to easily assist the client with discrepancies regarding training, inventory, and delivery. In addition, Salelytics provided better customer service and made it more convenient for physicians to place product orders by phone, fax, and internet.
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