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Improves Win Rate, Sales Cycle & Product Penetration with Video across Sales Process
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Multi-channel flexibility

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Advances in healthcare are made from a willingness to face change with innovative solutions. These shape the future of medicine. By taking responsibility for recognizing opportunities in the marketplace, companies are better able to identify and teach the customer about their needs.

One leading company of surgical instrumentation's history is passionately committed to providing high-quality, innovative products and services to all surgical disciplines.

The Salelytics Inside Sales Team sells and services 2,000 hospitals and surgery centers in 50 states to help them with all General Surgical Instrument,
Laparoscopic Instrument, Sterilization Container, and some skin closure needs.

The Salelytics leadership recognized an opportunity to promote their products to more business prospects, clinician practitioners, and decision-makers effectively with the addition of the Virtual Sales & Inservicing channel.

Salelytics deployed a multi-camera Virtual Sales & Inservicing capability coupled with inside telephony designed to better engage and train clinical personnel in the proper care and handling of surgical instrumentation.

The platform allowed an interactive one-to-many and one-to-one, face-to-face connectivity, live product demonstration, and access to supporting
webinar collateral.

The team used Virtual Sales & Inservicing early in the sales cycle to create the need, as well as post purchase, to engage clinical staff in proper care and handling (through the benefit of approved Continuing Education curricula).

A comparison of sales in the five months BEFORE VIDEO vs. the five months AFTER VIDEO revealed KPIs improved across all phases of the Sales Process.

  • 11-day reduction (17%) in the sales cycle
  • 87% increase (11 percentage points) in conversion rate
  • 375 Virtual Sales & Inservicing sessions at 195 Acute and Surgery Centers
  • Products per account grew from 3 to 5
  • More than 100 Continuing Education Credit Contact Hours earned at attending facilities
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