Biopharmaceutical Leader Improves Efficiency & Efficacy with Analytics and Optimization of Staffing Model

“Delivering on the Promise is often as much about the fundamentals of blocking and tackling as anything else. This use case is a great example of how we focused on those fundamentals and significantly improved performance.

I ask all my Business Directors to deploy and monitor Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week analysis across their portfolio – the results are often astonishing.

Vice President, Salelytics

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One biopharmaceutical Client Partner develops and commercializes innovative medicines targeting unmet therapeutic needs in arthritis, pain, and inflammatory diseases. The company received FDA approval for a new tablet formulated for the relief of signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

In Q1, Salelytics went to market as the industry leader with ten Sales Associates and a Consensus Selling model designed for speed, reach, and rapid adoption in clinician offices treating chronic pain patient populations.

The new pharmaceutical was the Client Partner’s first FDA-approved medication in the United States. Time was of the essence and a resource to be managed. Efficient and effective penetration of targets was critical for early adoption and return. Salelytics’ leadership recognized a need to ensure effort (Call Management) was closely aligned with success (successful call frequencies requisite in Consensus Selling models).

  • Increase successful call rate (efficiency)
  • Increase successful sales call volume (efficacy)
  • Sales goal attainment
Salelytics Operations engaged the Salelytics Operations Strategy Team to analyze calling patterns and identify opportunities to
increase efficiency and efficacy.

Analysts employed Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week Linear Correlation to quantify the relationship of staffing to success rates – thereby creating an understanding of how well timing effort and customer interactions tracked with higher probabilities of a successful call. The Operations Strategy Team made recommendations to the Saleytics Operations Team and modifications to staffing were made.

Analysis of KPIs in the six-month periods BEFORE & AFTER implementing the revised staffing model revealed staffing was much more highly correlated with successful interactions and the team was now effectively accomplishing with ten associates what they previously could do with eleven.

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