Appointment Setting Success

Implant Device Team Thrives in Rapidly Scaling Environment
  • Conversion of 25+% of IB calls into appointments
  • Growth of 300% over 9 months
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Overview: When it comes to healthcare, each experience is personal. Even at very early stages in the process, patients appreciate person-to-person interaction. For this Client Partner, Salelytics takes inbound communications (through phone, chat, and email) to educate patients on an implant that treats obstructive sleep apnea. They then work to connect the patient to a treatment center and schedule their appointment.

Challenge: The Client connected with Salelytics when they were not pleased with the performance or pace of their then-current provider. They struggled against a rapid rate of scale, an increase in the volume of patients needing appointments, a decrease of staff to facilitate scheduling of those appointments, and differing entrance criteria by the treating facility.

Goals: Achievement was measured by inbound service-level agreements completed, abandon rate, and the number of appointments set.

Solution: Salelytics was able to work with a combination of the Client’s CRM and our telephony platform to manage communications through multiple channels. By leveraging workforce management software and expertise, Salelytics maximizes the results without leaving gaps created by poor understanding of critical times and subpar staffing. Additionally, we align properly skilled representatives to the appropriate situations, creating a well-defined escalation path.

Results: In this program, our team is converting 25+% of inbound calls into appointments. The team will also have grown 300% over the first nine months of the project while continuing to deliver strong results when measured against the forecast.

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