Preventing Prescription Declines in Disrupted Field Accounts

Inside Sales Coverage Prevented Prescription Declines in Disrupted Field Accounts

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The Business Opportunity
Prescriptions Drop Dramatically in Accounts Experiencing Unexpected Field Coverage Vacancy
In 80 weeks, a leading biopharmaceutical company accumulated 18,705 weeks of interrupted field coverage across 1,480 physician offices due to unanticipated and unplanned field coverage vacancies with no immediate replacement. Analysis revealed prescription declines in disrupted territories were significantly impacting national quota attainment. Territory declines ranged from 9% to 23%. To mitigate declines, the company abbreviated training and the onboarding processes to more quickly fill vacancies and resume field coverage in disrupted accounts - effectively shortening the time to renew field coverage from up to 21 weeks to 11 weeks on average. Despite their efforts, prescription rate decreases reversed only slightly. The company needed a faster response to gaps in coverage in disrupted territories.

The Salelytics Solution

Customize Inside Sales Coverage to Target Accounts in Disrupted Territories without Delay
At first notice of a disruption, Salelytics deployed targeted call coverage plans within an integrated Telephony-CRM solution. By leveraging the speed and reach of Salelytics’ already trained team of inside sales representatives, Salelytics effectively absorbed the additional accounts and seamlessly overlaid comprehensive inside sales penetration into disrupted territories without delay or gaps in coverage.

Inside Sales Coverage Prevented Prescription Declines in the Disrupted Accounts
Disrupted accounts receiving inside sales coverage prescribed 16% more than those not covered or called by Salelytics during the disrupted period.

Analytic Observations & Implications
  1. Prescribers covered by Salelytics’ inside sales team during disruption prescribed 16% more than those not covered by inside sales treatment.
  2. There is a strong positive correlation between the number of weeks of disruption to prescription rate decreases – accounts with more weeks of disruption suffered greater decreases. Therefore, immediate and sustained coverage was critical to success.
  3. A statistically significant causal dynamic exists between field disruption and depressed prescription rates which do not occur or exist in accounts receiving Salelytics inside sales coverage during disruption.
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