Open Sales Territories

Lost Revenue Right out of the Gate
There is revenue loss associated with open territories. Have you factored it into your 2020 plan? Call Salelytics and you will have a full team to meet and exceed quota expectations. 

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Securing talent to meet your specific needs is no easy task. Our answer? Salelytics’ sales solutions! With accomplished experts and whole teams on demand, we continue to deliver elite, support talent. Our team is backed by a network of developers, project managers, and a customizable CRM platform that will deliver above and beyond your KPI and SLA requirements. Stop managing salespeople, and build on your business strategy and growth expectation.


  • Vetted Talent
  • PerfectFit
  • Speed to market, complete territory coverage upon launch
Open territories - territories without a dedicated Sales Rep - can eat up revenue as ravenously as a competitor that uses an outsourced sales team that calls into those markets. Your goals are based on the assumption that all your territories are staffed and your Sales Reps are ramped to full productivity. For example, what if every open territory had a $1.2M annual quota? How much revenue is that costing you? 

  1. How long does it take for a new hire to “ramp to full productivity?”
    • “From start to finish, 60 days” 
  2. How many of my total territories were open at some point last year?
    • “I had 4 territories open” 
  3. How many months did each open territory go without a Sales Rep?
    • “The average was 4 months” 
Total number of months with open territories = 4 territories x 4 months open = 16 total months Average Revenue Loss per Month = 1.2M/12 = $100k
Cost of Open Territories = 16 months x $100k = $1.6M
Don’t worry about accounting for that ~1.6M when we can do that and more for you. It’s time to call Salelytics today! 
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