Salelytics Processing Procedure

Digital and Telecommunications

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Do Not Call requests are from customers who ask not to be called. These requests apply to current and future telemarketing campaigns. Salelytics requires every DNC request to be politely accepted by associates and properly processed immediately. We are required to provide all client DNC requests to the seller so each number may be added to their internal DNC list. 
  • Associates are required to disposition each DNC request to be added to the client’s internal DNC list, and those requests must be dispositioned on the computer screen while on the call with the requesting customer
  • For any number to be added to the Salelytics internal DNC request, associates must write down the telephone number with a notation to be added to the internal DNC list and immediately provide it to their manager
  • Associates must bring escalations to their manager’s attention
  • All associates are required to document the DNC request in the notes as well as use the most accurate disposition
  • OnContact CRM email module - Opt-out process
    • Has an opt-out flag on the company and contact email address
    • Upon sending of an email, if the recipient has opted out it asks the associate if permission was provided for this one-time send
      • If an associate selects yes, the system allows the send but doesn’t update the opt-out flag
      • If an associate selects no, the system cancels the send
  • eBlast Send Process
    • Scrubs all opted out email addresses and removes them from the final ‘send list’
    • Scrubs out all contacts that are inactive
    • Scrubs out all contacts that are within an active company
    • An opt-out event is captured in the email marketing database
      • The process runs to update back to OnContact CRM nightly
  • Additional process checks for added email addresses against email marketing database opt-out

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