Dynamic Call Queue

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It is critical to stay aligned with your customers through their buyer journey to ensure they are educated, satisfied, and equipped to make the commitment. Understanding where each account is in the timeline will allow sales associates to proactively target the correct accounts and stay on top of competitors, all while adhering to the customer's needs. Engagement occurs on multi-channels such as website activity, email communication, or phone conversations. How do you know your sales associates are targeting the right customers at the right time?

Salelytics has implemented a Dynamic Call Queue (DCQ) to bridge the gap between targeting accounts and understanding the customer lifecycle journey. DCQ is a proprietary system integrated within our CRM that automatically selects and presents accounts to an associate in a specific order based on fully customizable business rules. The DCQ can handle very large datasets and complex business rules efficiently. Business rule logic can consist of many datasets including website traffic, email marketing, post-call analytics, sales/purchase history, and more. This allows for a fully integrated tool that houses all customer data to ensure prompt targeting. Our clients have initiatives that change current processes often in order to effectively execute the new scope of the business. Business rules set within our DCQ can be updated throughout the day and, in some instances, in real-time. Flexibility is critical to any business. We customize our sales models and offerings based on client needs and adapt quickly when the market or client requires it.


Frequent analysis of data systems in relation to the logic for Get Next Call will be beneficial to optimize touchpoints and productivity. DNQ takes the guesswork away from our sales associates, so they spend less time “hunting” for who to call and enjoy a more efficient workday. DNQ is designed with the correct business needs in mind, letting sales associates do what they do best – close sales!

Examples of custom conditional and sorting logic utilized:
• Temporarily suppress states, area codes, and zip codes to allow for blackout times (For example, a state of emergency). 
• Reduce lag/wait times for large datasets or complex calling queues.
• Provide real-time queue configuration and real-time queue statistics.
• Focus on certain accounts at different times of the day (For example, do not call restaurants during the lunch hour).
• Provide snapshots of callable records by interval.
• Provide queue data based on hypothetical queue configurations (For example, DCQ can show how many records will be callable if the queue were to be configured with certain conditional logic).

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