Across Salelytics' three performer segments (top, middle, and low), Gamification was found to increase metric outcomes from 18% to 26%.

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Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts that can be applied to productive activities or the real world. Gamification techniques leverage our natural desire for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, and status.

Salelytics’ approach to associate performance is designed around proactive productivity tools that drive personal accountability. Our Gamification solution can take real-time data from any data source, allowing us to combine data from different sources and create advanced metrics customized to the needs of your business. By scoring overall user performance in real-time, we can set weighted benchmarks for each role, giving associates and managers a continuously- running, live view of daily, weekly, and monthly performance. Both leadership and associates have visibility to this data on their desktops, and in some cases, on TV screens located in their work areas.

Managers utilize Gamification to visualize user performance over time and across any benchmark in just seconds. Real-time dashboard reporting tells us who needs coaching, who needs motivation, and how each member of the team can improve performance. The platform analyzes historical data and recommends objectives that maximize user productivity and engagement. Then, it transforms performance benchmarks into personal missions to boost motivation and foster peer-to-peer accountability through friendly competition.

  • Analyzes of historical performance data
  • Drives sales associate performance using contests
  • Provides full transparency and peer accountability to improve results
  • Identifies targeted coaching opportunities to improve sales effectiveness
  • Visualizes user and team performance through real-time dashboard reporting
  • Improves your bottom line by motivating all performers vs only top performers
  • Includes trend and Distribution Data to quickly visualize and compare individual and team performance
Performance Improvement Strategies and Contests: Leaderboards often showcase the same people. We create freshness by utilizing ‘Most Improved’ leaderboards for a given metric and reward reps that show the highest delta from last month to this month. This is a great way to inspire up-and-coming and middle-tier performers (not one size fits all contests).

Maximize Gains: The bottom half of the team has the biggest opportunity to improve. We don’t risk disengaging them by limiting recognition to only our high performers. We create contests that reward improvements. We choose a metric (ex. weekly meetings set or monthly deals won), set a target that only the top 25th percentile of performers usually hit, and use that “improvement target” as the finish line for the contest. This fosters a competitive environment and incentivizes the bottom performers on the team.

Career Achievements: Nothing beats personalized, video recognition that the entire office can watch. For this practice, we recommend sales leaders (or satisfied clients) record a short video, upload it to a private company YouTube channel, then link the video to a new slide on the Gamification TV. This recognition is easy and creates astronomical positive feedback for reps.

Leveraging Video to Recognize Employees: Custom videos are a great way to enhance competition and recognition on the sales floor. At Salelytics, our leadership team worked videos into team competitions run on Gamification. When each team hits a certain milestone, it triggers our TVs to auto-play a fun video the team created for the competition.

Across Salelytics' three performer segments (top, middle, and low), Gamification was found to increase metric outcomes from 18% to 26%.
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