Speech Analytics and Gamification

Salelytics associates hitting the production floor today have a stronger understanding of how to incorporate value consistently in customer interactions- allowing them to onboard in nearly half the time with exponentially better results.

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Salelytics, a leading provider of business-to-business sales and account management services, has proven success in helping organizations meet or exceed revenue targets. We combine 30 years of experience and superior sales methodologies to deliver an integrated revenue generation solution for our clients.

Current market-driven challenges, and the evolving buyer’s journey, make it critical to invest in technology and sales methodology to improve sales productivity. Complementing sales talent with sales enablement tools and processes (to define productivity metrics) is critical to realizing desired revenue outcomes.

Salelytics implements multiple solutions such as Speech Analytics and Gamification to drive employee engagement and provide additional leadership tools. This allows for more targeted coaching opportunities with each sales associate and increases results for our clients.

Through technology and process, Salelytics offers an innovative speech analytics solution:
  • Real-time visual measurement of sales call progression
  • Assessment of associate's ability to execute a defined sales process
  • Targeted training and coaching tool for call effectiveness
  • Provides analysis of best practices to deploy across the team
  • Gain insights into the voice of customers and marketing impact
  • Provides quantitative feedback on sales and marketing message design
  • Provides new associates with specific phrases and a call flow which can speed up the onboarding process

Salelytics’ approach to associate performance is a proactive productivity tool that:
  • Drives sales associate performance using contests
  • Provides full transparency and peer accountability to improve results
  • Identifies targeted coaching opportunities to improve sales effectiveness
  • Visualizes user and team performance through real-time dashboard reporting
  • Improve your bottom line by motivating all performers vs only top performers
  • Trend and distribution data to quickly visualize and compare individual and team performance
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