Empowering Patients and Uncovering Barriers

Salelytics Partnered with a Global Manufacturer of Medical Devices
  • Educated 10k Patients, driving a 39% education rate.
  • 918 confirmed patient implants YTD, 150% of the YTD goal.
  • Patients who engaged with the Patient Education Center are 2X more likely to move forward to an implant.

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Overview: Salelytics partnered with a Global Manufacturer of Medical Devices (permanent cardiac implant that reduces the chances of stroke for patients with AFIB).

Challenge/Opportunity: Uncovering patient barriers to treatment, managing lead source and all patient communication channels, connecting patients to meaningful support platforms e.g., patient/ambassador community, nurse educator.

Client Marketing Awareness Efforts: Facebook, Instagram, Radio, TV, Patient Website

Solution: Launched a dedicated team of Associates and RNs to educate and empower patients to confidently discuss treatment options with Cardiologists and nurture patients to implant.

Communication Channels & Technology: Inbound & Outbound Phone, Email, Click-to-Call (Facebook), Text, and Chat.


  • The team has educated over 10k patients nine months into the year, driving a 39% education rate.
  • These efforts resulted in 918 confirmed nurtured patient implants YTD, 150% to the YTD goal.
  • Further analysis has demonstrated that prospective patients who engaged with the patient education center through an inbound call were more than twice as likely as those who engaged through other mediums to move forward to an implant.
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