Salelytics Inside Sales Capabilities

Training and Development
Sales Enablers and Technology
Launch information
Salelytics Inside Sales Team
  • Cost-effective, flexible, and scalable sales force
  • Negate impact of in-house attrition
  • A high-quality talent pool of sales professionals
  • Transferable insight due to unique reach into CPG, B2B, and Healthcare markets
Training and Development
  • A dedicated training department takes talent through developmental steps from day one
  • Ongoing Inside Sales Training Programs continuously work on key differentiators and value propositions
  • Sales Skills, Systems, and Applications
  • Midwestern talent pool creates a unique blend of associates with a blue-collar ethic
  • Our people come first - resources invested to develop entry-level associates into future leaders
  • Customizable CRM that allows you to segment and prioritize your customers
  • Allows leaders and administrators the ability to consistently direct efforts in an automated fashion
  • Reporting interface that can analyze customer buying patterns to predict the probability of future buying and can then prioritize selling efforts based on the findings
Sales Enablers & Technology
  • Get Next Call Button
  • Speech Analytics
  • Gamification
  • Super Associate
  • A 100% dedicated sales launch team in place with an outlined process for launching, documenting, and coordinating all of the parties and deliverables involved in the sales launch process
  • Oversees the activities of the support teams (Human Resources, Technology, Application, Development, Telecommunication, Training, Quality, Operations)
  • Monitors the overall satisfaction, facilitates resolution, and makes necessary program adjustments
  • Able to launch and scale very quickly

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