Salelytics Drives Urban Market Sales for HBA Manufacturer

Closely managed selling into Northeast and Southwest Urban centers. Non-traditional distributors buying items that index heavily toward Latino consumers.
Program Start Date: 2003

Urban Independent

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Products/Services: National Brands in Health & Beauty and Cleaning.

Sales Challenges: Salelytics helped identify a gap in sales success with a current client, where the client Broker partner wasn’t able to maximize the
growing Urban Market and Alternative spaces.

Sales Solutions/Models: Traveling to large Selling Shows, Salelytics client dedicated associates meet with key buyers and owners that deal in major Urban markets with box van selling and other alternative resellers.

Results: After building relationships with the buyers, Salelytics has been able to open and penetrate Urban as a new market with controlled discounts for our client. Additional value is added as this channel welcomes obsolete stock and has been an outlet for liquidation.
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