Salelytics Drives Sales in Regional Convenience Stores

Full Account Management program managing mid and small convenience channel accounts.
Program Start Date: 2002

Convenience Channel

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Products: Market leader in the Lighter category with Stationery and Shave products being the number two brands in the country in their respective
categories. Lighters account for 95% of sales.

Sales Challenges: Competitive pressures created diminishing revenue in midsized regional and local accounts, in a highly competitive category.

Sales Solutions/Models: Salelytics took over this segment of accounts from underperforming brokers with a Full Account Management program,
proactively developing relationships on behalf of the client, growing these accounts with increased display support while bringing in new customers.

Results: The team manages and supports 300 distributors serving the Independent Convenience Store channel, generating tens of millions in sales
with growth averaging 5% to 9% annually over the past three years.
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