Small to Midsize Business Loyalty Program Success for One of the World’s Leading Travel & Hospitality Brands

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Increase New Revenue and Member Retention of the Small to Midsize Business Loyalty Program
One of the world’s leading brands in the travel and hospitality industry provides business and leisure customers with travel solutions. The company offers a loyalty program for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and wanted to increase the adoption of the program, as well as win back members who hadn’t used the program for six months or longer.

The company partnered with Salelytics to further penetrate the SMB segment, increase sales effectiveness with SMBs, and improve the cost of sales on its loyalty program.

“We were confident in Salelytics’ experience,” said the client’s VP of sales for small to midsize businesses. “The results speak for themselves; expectations were exceeded on several levels. We are certain they are the experts in their industry.”

A Three-Phase Approach to Loyalty Program Success
Salelytics developed a three-pronged approach to achieve the company’s SMB goals: A welcome program for new customers, a loyalty program for members, a win-back program to attract members who weren’t using the company’s travel solutions, and full account management to improve the company’s performance.

Salelytics suggested an approach using its specialized sales associates and full account management solutions. Sales associates completed a training module developed by the client and Salelytics. The developed module has become the basis for all subsequent training. The three phases of the project consisted of:

Phase 1: Increase Loyalty Program Membership and Membership Activation
With Salelytics’ effective sales coverage plan and digital sales strategy, Salelytics launched the welcome program. Phase one utilized specialized SMB sales associates and the sales methodology SWAN (Spoke to/ What About/Action/Next Step) to contact new loyalty program members, welcome them to the program, review the program’s benefits, and encourage members to use the program whenever they need to use a reservation service.

Phase 2: Win Back Current Loyalty Program Members
The Win-Back Program also used dedicated sales associates This time, the associates contacted current program members who had used the company’s services in the past 18 months, but for a variety of different reasons hadn’t returned in the past six. The Salelytics Sales Management team was able to tie into several diverse data systems to segment and target this group of customers. The sales CRM software was then integrated with Salelytics’ customized sales messaging and digital sales strategy to streamline the processes and enhance productivity.

The goal was to consultatively sell these prospects to return to the company’s services for their SMB business, winning back 13% of them in a 12-month period (which translates to seven million in gross profit).

Phase 3: Implement Full Account Management to Improve Sales Results and Loyalty Program Performance
The final phase of the project was full account management in which Salelytics manages the company’s loyalty program accounts. Salelytics focuses on maintaining and increasing the company’s profitability from the program. In addition to the sales CRM system and digital sales strategy intelligently evaluating existing customer accounts; actionable analytics deliver meaningful, real-time insights to sales associates to sell the office.

Increased Members, Repeat Customers, and Customer Satisfaction
Not only did the travel and hospitality company achieve its goals with Salelytics’ revenue generation solutions, but it also exceeded those goals by considerable amounts.

For example, the Salelytics welcome program increased loyalty program activation by 20%. Also, the company realized a 17% increase in annual transactions.

The goal of the win-back program was to increase loyalty program use by 13% within 12 months. Salelytics increased use by 37% in less than a year, generating a gross profit of ten million - 130% of the goal.

Finally, Salelytics’ full account management solution has improved sales results by more than 25% over the existing team and 19% over the travel and hospitality company's inside team.

With Salelytics’ revenue generation solutions, the company's loyalty program has grown exponentially. Salelytics implemented the sales program with ten highly trained sales associates and one sales manager. Just over two years later, the program has grown to 63 sales associates, three supervisors, and two senior sales managers.
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